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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has exploded since the creation of sites like Facebook and Instagram. With a plethora of audiences to discover and follow brands like yours, advertising on social media is a clever marketing concept. Social media brings a crowd of more than a billion active users every month. That is more than a billion users that could potentially discover you!

Social Media Marketing

Success begins with the right objective

Every successful marketing campaign begins with an objective. We create objectives unique to your goals. Whether you want your audience to install your applications, buy your products, watch your videos, interact with you or just discover your brand, we create and manage social media ads to meet every objective. 

Social Media Advertising

Engage your Audience

We engage your audience by delivering video ads on apps in a variety of display placements, including native, interstitial, rewarded and in-stream video. We create a different strategy for images, slideshows, and videos depending on placements. Whether your objective is installs or conversions, we make you successful with social media marketing and bring you measurable results.

Advertising with Facebook
Visual Content Advertising
Facebook Ads


We optimize placement and delivery of your ads to get you the most profit on a budget. We do this optimization in the context of the full range of opportunities available. Where do your ads get placed?

  • Feed

  • Instant Articles

  • In-stream videos

  • Right column

  • Marketplace


  • Feed

  • Stories

  • Audience Network

  • Native, banner and interstitial

  • In-stream videos

  • Rewarded videos


  • Home

  • Sponsored messages

Social Media Ads

Social media has the power to form meaningful relationships, share information with billions of users, increase brand awareness and enthusiasm, gain supporters, and generate feedback in the form of reviews. The Cake social media team effectuates, manages and maintains social media ads and marketing campaigns to strengthen your brand. Building a social media presence is intrinsic to online growth. In order to meet the desired growth, a gallery of images, videos, creative content and written text are created for regular posts. Social media tactics are utilized to optimize the reach of each post and to grow the social media audience.


Ads are placed on Facebook Feed, Instant Articles, In-stream Videos, Right Column, Marketplace; Instagram Feed, Stories, Audience Network, Native, Banner and Interstitial, In-stream Videos, Rewarded videos; Messenger Home, and Sponsored messages or wherever the content is best displayed. Ad campaigns run side-by-side in a comparison to perform A and B testing. The goal is to always share engaging content. Likes, shares and comments cause social media advertising to perform stronger.


A Facebook pixel or code is placed on your website to communicate with the social media platform to collect and track data. This helps the marketing team track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to audiences who have already interacted with your website and content.

Social media advertising drives traffic and leads. Relevant ads drive traffic back to specific landing pages on your website. Ads which use images and video are always the most successful. Users engage with carousels of visual content and develop a relationship with your brand. Beyond clicks to your website, lead forms on an ad can capture a lead without ever taking the user away from the platform. Posts can also be boosted directly from the post to share content with followers and extend your audience beyond the following. Ads can be optimized for engagement or brand awareness, depending on your social media marketing goals.

Millions of Americans download apps every day. According to Apple, nearly 200 billion app downloads occurred in 2017. Creating ads for app downloads allows users to download applications directly from Facebook on their mobile phones. Call-to-action buttons direct users to the app store where they can install your app.


Dynamic ads use a Facebook pixel to build audiences based upon activity on your website. When users interact with your website, visual content follows them to Facebook to bring them back. Services like Shopify allow you to link product catalogs to your business Facebook account so ads are created with the most recent product information. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, the platforms have the same targeting capabilities. 

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