Your website should always have fresh content written specifically for search engine optimization. When someone enters a search in Google, they are actually searching Google's index of the web. Relevant content magically appears! How does this work?


This is made possible by metaphorical spiders that crawl the web by way of a trail of connected links, and index content according to keywords, importance and relevance.  When a search query is performed, the programs sift through the indexed content using an algorithm to decide which content to reveal and in what order.  


Google has a formula to rate the importance and relevance of content.  The formula includes the number of links that point to it, and the quality of written content that appears on it.  If Google thinks your content is relevant and important, you will be on top of search results. 


The key is to write about what you do and love all the time. Essentially, your written content is advertising. While almost everyone can write, we cannot all write for search engine optimization.  SEO requires extensive knowledge of the algorithms used by search engines, and an amazing talent for writing.

SEO Tips

  • Maintaining fresh relevant content makes search engines like Google value you more.

  • Blogging is an opportunity to write more keywords.

  • Blogs are shared frequently, creating more links to your website.

We Write!

  • We write and maintain your blog.

  • ​All content is tailored for search engine optimization (SEO) and to meet your needs and style.

  • We increase the importance and ranking of your website on search engines like Google.

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