How to Rank on Google

How do you rank organically on Google? In our modern world of internet and digital advertising, major search engines like Google have created possibility. It is the possibility of taking a small idea from a basement, and creating a worldwide multi-million dollar company by the exponential increase in the statistical probability of being discovered. It sounds like Google is a formula for success.

The Secret to Ranking on Google

There is a lot of talk about ranking on Google. Ranking might be a misunderstood term. Nevertheless, some claim to have the secret formula, while others claim that there is not a formula at all. Is there a secret? Is there a formula? Who has the answer to ranking on Google? The essence of what Google tells us is that placement cannot be bought, and that it relies on a tricky competition in a continuum of aggressive quality search engine optimization practices.

Search Engine Optimization

Google uses an algorithm to determine the order that content is delivered to a user in a search query. It is obvious that Google seems to love certain content more than others. How do we make Google love ours? When we search Google, we are actually searching the Google index of the web. Google uses metaphorical spiders to crawl the web and put things in an index according to the value assigned to it for future use.  The most loved content is content that meets certain criteria.  Google analyzes content for readability, relevance, quality and importance. We call the process of meeting that criteria Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Page Results

When someone performs a search for a word or phrase, a page will display with search results. As discussed above, it is delivered in a certain order, which the user will most likely never analyze beyond the consideration that the first few results must be trusted and important. Few will ever adventure beyond the first page of results. This is why everyone is fighting over placement on the first page.

The pages of results revealed in response to a search query is called Search Engine Page Results (SERP). The level of importance that puts results in a specific order or location on a page or among the pages is the concept of ranking. You will find paid advertising above or beside results. You do not need to pay for ads to get that first page placement or rank on search engines like Google. You can write your way to the top with properly written SEO content. SEO is a lot more involved than the words. The technical and structural components of the website must be combined with the content to achieve success.

The trend seems to be shifting away from writing content and focusing more on paid ads. Ask yourself how many other companies just like yours are paying for ads just like you, and attempting to target your same target audience. Then ask yourself how many in that group are going to fit on the first page. What matters? What determines how ads perform in the great competition and rotation? Much of it has to do with your content and SEO on your website. Okay, bid and other factors come into play, but when it comes down to it, content is king.

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