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How to Rank on Google


How do you rank organically on Google? In our modern world of internet and digital advertising, major search engines like Google have created possibility. It is the possibility of taking a small idea from a basement, and creating a worldwide multi-million dollar company by the exponential increase in the statistical probability of being discovered. It sounds like Google is a formula for success.

The Secret to Ranking on Google

There is a lot of talk about ranking on Google. Ranking might be a misunderstood term. Nevertheless, some claim to have the secret formula, while others claim that there is not a formula at all. Is there a secret? Is there a formula? Who has the answer to ranking on Google? The essence of what Google tells us is that placement cannot be bought, and that it relies on a tricky competition in a continuum of aggressive quality search engine optimization practices.

Search Engine Optimization

Google uses an algorithm to determine the order that content is delivered to a user in a search query. It is obvious that Google seems to love certain content more than others. How do we make Google love ours? When we search Google, we are actually searching the Google index of the web. Google bots crawl every URL on a website and put content in an index for future use. The most loved content is content that meets certain criteria. Google analyzes content for readability, relevance, quality and importance. We call the process of meeting that criteria Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Results Page

When someone performs a search for a word or phrase, a page will display with search results. Content is delivered in a certain order, which the user will most likely never analyze beyond the consideration that the first few results must be trusted and important. Few will ever adventure beyond the first page of results. This is why everyone is fighting over placement on the first page.

The pages of results revealed in response to a search query is called Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The level of importance that puts results in a specific order or location on a page or among the pages is the concept of ranking. You will find paid advertising above or beside results. You do not need to pay for ads to get that first page placement or rank on search engines like Google. You can write your way to the top with properly written SEO content. SEO is a lot more involved than the words. The technical and structural components of the website must be combined with the content to achieve success.

Cake Advertising

The Secret Formula

SEO is more than the content that appears on a page. It involves crawlability, structural, technical and content elements. The architecture of a website and the content are part of the SEO score. Google has a formula to rank the importance and relevance of content. The formula is an ever changing and evolving valuation process that considers the quality, relevance and importance of text information, image attributes, metadata, tags, heading structure, keyword ratio, internal links, external links, backlinks, anchor text, and an extensive list that would take us far beyond this page. The words chosen to fill a creative canvas affect the visibility of a website in a search engine's unpaid results and paid advertising. This brings new traffic to your website organically, and generates dynamic Google paid ads. If Google thinks your content is relevant and important, your content will earn the first page and top placement in SERPs. Google may even choose to create a snippet with your content, if Google feels it is technical and informative in a way that would answer a query with an explanation.

Google Loves Blogging

Everyone loves to tell their story, and Google loves to read it. The more words you put on your website, the more relevant content that Google can index. The key is to write quality content about what you do and love all the time. And then share it with the world! Your written content is advertising. Blog about your company and services or answer common questions. A well written blog with the proper formula will boost your site in organic searches. Blogging can be a very important piece of the advertising cake. We love Google and think you should love them too. Most importantly, we think Google should love you!

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