Blogging is Advertising

We all love to talk about ourselves. When it comes to advertising, that's a good thing. The more you blog about your business, more of your content fills the web. Your stunning website should always have fresh content written specifically for search engine optimization.

Google Loves Blogging

When someone enters a search on Google, they are actually searching Google's index of the web. This is made possible with Google's software programs called "spiders." These metaphorical spiders crawl the web for keywords and follow a trail of connected links. Keywords and search terms magically reveal relevant content. If your content is relevant, the magic happens for you. How does this work? Google has a formula that rates the importance of websites by links that point to it and the quality of written content that appears on the site. If Google thinks your content is relevant and important, you will be on top of search results.

Tell Your Story

The key is to write about what you do and love all the time with quality written content. And then share it with the world! Your written content is advertising. Blog about your company and services or answer common questions. A well written blog with the proper formula will boost your site in organic searches. Blogging can be a very important piece of the advertising cake. We love Google and think you should love them too. Most importantly, we think Google should love you!

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