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Cake Advertising

Customized Marketing

Marketing that Evolves with Your Industry

online marketing

We strategize the creation of your website and online presence, which is based upon an analysis of your industry and target market. We provide marketing solutions that evolve with your industry.


  • Our professional design team creates and displays the layout and design of your professional image and visual content to develop your brand awareness. 

  • Our SEO writers produce your unique content specific to your industry and search engine optimization needs.

  • Our marketing strategists create highly visible search and display ads that reach specific target audiences to bring you relevant traffic and create awareness of your online identity.


While others offer bronze and gold, we offer customized solutions that are tailored to meet your specific needs and the growth of your online presence.

SEO and Ranking

SEO Strategy

Increase Ranking

Our team of skilled SEO writers amplify your online presence and grow your network with content written for search engine optimization. We manage and write your content specific to industry. Storytelling is advertising. We write your story to place you higher in organic searches and to increase performance of your search and display ads. 


Search engines like Google analyze content for readability, relevance, quality and importance. We call the process of meeting that criteria Search Engine Optimization ("SEO"). Creating a quality blog on your website can increase the ranking and value of your online real estate. We create and manage your content on landing pages and blog pages to help the world discover you. If you ever wonder who actually takes the time to read these days, just remember that Google reads every word.



Strengthen Your Brand

Become a Household Name

Multifaceted advertising focuses on strengthening your brand while combining advertising on major search engines like Google and social media platforms with detailed SEO strategies on your website.

  • We focus on the enhancement of your website's placement on search engines through organic searches and paid advertising.

  • We increase the authority of your website with quality content and relevant ads.  

  • We specialize in content creation on social media platforms, search engines like Google, and networks that create awareness of your online identity to strengthen your brand.


Our campaign ad managers constantly analyze and optimize the performance of your ads to promote your content with a formula that accounts for specific keywords and relevant content which consumers use to search for businesses like yours. We implement remarketing strategies that rely on the psychology of shopping to keep your content following your potential consumers on the internet.​

A Comprehensive Strategy

Marketing Strategy

We maximize your online visibility and increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategies with custom content and tailored advertising programs that reach your marketing targets. Our marketing specialists determine which package and features match your specific marketing objectives, while implementing a comprehensive plan that maximizes your return on investment.

We work together to increase your online visibility, establish your online credibility, accelerate the growth of your business, and set you apart in a crowded online marketplace. We assist you with the achievement of your business goals by providing internet marketing solutions designed specifically for your industry. We have your recipe for success. And success tastes sweet!

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